Condensation Apparatus Lab abron
Model : AE-7105

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Condensation Apparatus Lab abron

We have Condensation Apparatus which is a phase change heat process accruing in many industrial applications, such as in steam power plants, refrigeration plants etc. Our Condensation Apparatus is one of the important heat transfer process present in mechanical and chemical engineering application. We manufacture the product specifically to provide high grade service to our customers. Condensation Apparatus is also known as Drop wise and Film wise Condensation Apparatus. 

Types :

  • Drop wise Condensation
  • Film wise Condensation

About the product :

  • A Digital Temperature Controller is provided for controlling the temperature of Steam
  • Water level indicator
  • Condensate is measured by measuring cylinder
  • Two valves are fitted to control flow rate of water
  • Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Steam generator is fitted
  • Steam comes directly from generator to cylinder

Experiments :

  • To study the Film wise & Drop wise condensation of steam on a vertical surface
  • Visualization of condensation process in drop wise as well as film wise

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