Optical Bench Double Bar Heavy 150cm Abron ap-841b
Model : ap-841b

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1 meter two rods one graduated 2nd plain N P Heavy 4 riders, 2 Slow Motions,Heavy 2 Lens Holders with rod , Thick 2 pins Bench has two steel rods, one of which is graduated in mms. with heavy metal end supports with levelling screws with four metal slides which slide smoothly on the bench. Two of the slides have transverse motion arrangement. Complete with two lens holders and two object needles It consists of two metallic rods (one rod is engraved in mms) supported by heavy cast iron feet, provided with 4 metal riders. Two of the sliders have transverse motion and two lens holders, two optical pins. Improved design one meter long.

ACCESSORIES FOR OPTICAL BENCH UNIVERSAL LENS HOLDER :Metallic (moulded from aluminium alloy) nicely finished for mirrors and lenses, without stand pye type heavy pattern.

LENS HOLDER : with 3" steel C. P. stem. (iii) PARALLEX PIN : iron C. P. rust proof

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