Meter AC Ammeter (A.C. Recitifier Type) In Desk Stand abron ap-826
Model : ap-826

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Price : Rs. 580/-

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Department All Physics Items


Jewel Movements, Printed Scales, Accurate, Superior Individually Calibrated

The meters are supplied in steel hardened BAKALITE DESK STAND with locking terminals.

CLASS A= 2uA/Div

CLASS B=20uA/ Div

Scale Range any one of Below

0-1.5A 0-3A 0-5A 0-1A 0-10A 0-250A

AP-826-ACA1 Ammeter Scale 65 mm Round Class-2

AP-826-ACA2 Ammeter Scale 80 mm Square Class-2

AP-826-ACA3 Ammeter Scale 80 mm Square Class-A

AP-826-ACA4 Ammeter Scale 100mm Square Class-B

AP-826-ACA5 Ammeter Scale 100mm Square Class-A

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