BiPrism Assembly parts only Abron Bi prism assembly slit holder Ramsden Eye Piece AP-689-A
Model : AP-689-A

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Bi-Prism Holder, Slit, Micrometer Eye Piece assembly only.
Consists of following :
(i) Bi-Prism Holder : Has fine radial motion by a fine pitch screw.
(ii) Auto Action Lens Holder : With automatic spring action for equal opening and closing of both sides.
(iii) Micrometer Eye Piece : Ramsden Eye Piece, 10 x, is carried on a slider which moves along a micrometer
screw, perfectly made.
(iv) Optical Slit : Optical true, precision ground stainless jaws, spring action for opening of jaws eliminated to
ensure, original accuracy even after prolonged use. Jaws open uniformly all along through a milled head.
Jaw alignment tested for optical accuracy. Made for a lifetime of accurate use.
AP-689-A BI-PRISM ASSEMBLY Assembly only.
AP-689-B BI-PRISM ASSEMBLY with 2 rod bench --do-- with 1.5 meter Optical bench 2 rod type having two C. P. rods with accessories
AP-689-BS BI-PRISM ASSEMBLY with spcial rail bench --do-- with 1.5 meter Optical bench having two C. P. rods with accessories
AP-689-C Mica Sheet Assorted Size 1 Doz Pack
AP-689-D BI-Prism Fresnel To determine wave lengths of light by observing fringes produced by two interference light beams splited by Biprism.The bi-prism with angle of 178 at the centre line of the face. 32 x 40 mm
AP-689-E BI-Prism Fresnel 40 x 50 mm

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