Binocular Research Microscope Magnus Olympus MLX-B abron AB-12B
Model : AB-12B-MLX-B

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


Binocular Research Microscope Magnus Olympus MLX-B abron AB-12B 

Binocular Head- High Resolution Inclined Rotatable 360'
A built-in base 6V 20W halogen light with
intensity regulator.
Focussing- for coarse/fine ,
Mechanical Stage- 145x 125mm Light Variable built-in baseLight
with Abbe condense NA 1.2
10x WF and 15x 4x,10x40x100x
oil immersion Lens
40x,60x 100x,150x,400x,600x
1000x 1500x
Accessories Dust cover, Cloth.

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