Chart Polyart with roller Chemistry processes set of 30 size 75x100cm ( 30x40inch) Abron ACPAD-30K
Model : ACPAD-30K

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Department Charts and Pictures


Chart Polyart with roller Chemistry processes set of 30  size 75x100cm ( 30x40inch) Cat No ACPAD-30K    Price 15,000-00 set

Polyart Charts Multicolour Detailed well Labelled off Set Printed on White Washable Sheet Fitted with Roller, Hanging Thread and Cap on Side


ACPC-2601        Chart Chemistry Preparation of Ammonia

ACPC-2602        Chart Chemistry Preparation of Hydrogen

ACPC-2603        Chart Chemistry Preparation of Nitric acid

ACPC-2604        Chart Chemistry Extraction of Petroleum

ACPC-2605        Chart Chemistry Preparation of Oxygen

ACPC-2606        Chart Chemistry Manufacture of Sulphuric acid

ACPC-2607        Chart Chemistry Periodic table of the elements

ACPC-2608        Chart Chemistry shapes of atomic orbitals

ACPC-2609        Chart Chemistry extraction of metal & aluminium

ACPC-2610        Chart Chemistry formation of molecular orbitals

ACPC-2611        Chart Chemistry geometry of molecules part 1

ACPC-2612        Chart Chemistry geometry of molecules part 2

ACPC-2613        Chart Chemistry Hybridisation

ACPC-2614        Chart Chemistry Orbital structure of benzene

ACPC-2615        Chart Chemistry confirmation in hydrocarbon

ACPC-2616        Chart Chemistry structure of ionic solids

ACPC-2617        Chart Chemistry Types of crystal structure

ACPC-2618        Chart Chemistry 3d arrangements solids

ACPC-2619        Chart Chemistry relative energy of orbitals

ACPC-2620        Chart Chemistry structural isomerism

ACPC-2621        Chart Chemistry stereoisomerism

ACPC-2622        Chart Chemistry estimition of nitrogen

ACPC-2623        Chart Chemistry determination of molecular mass

ACPC-2624        Chart Chemistry extraction of copper

ACPC-2625        Chart Chemistry preparation of carbon dioxide

ACPC-2626        Chart Chemistry preparation of hydrochloric acid

ACPC-2627        Chart Chemistry types of cells

ACPC-2628        Chart Chemistry oxidation & reduction

ACPC-2629        Chart Chemistry Protein synthesis

ACPC-2630        Chart Chemistry structure of DNA

ACPC-2631        Chart Chemistry Structure of RNA

ACPC-2632        Chart Chemistry Glycolysis


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