Spectrometer scale Brass graduated 7 inch 30 second or 1 minute with telescope eye piece slit and collimator with slit Abron AP-922B7

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Spectrometer Brass scale 7" AP-922B7  30 seconds or 1 minute

Spectrometer SS scale 7" Super abron AP-922S6 read by two opposite vernier cast Iron Powder coated base with leveling screws The lenses of collimator and telescope are achromatic. Ramsden eye piece with cross prism stand grating holder in wooden Box

AP-922-S7 Scale  7”  Vernier 60sec or 30 secons stainless steel scale better and rustproof 

AP-922-B7 Vernier 7 inch 30sec brass scale or 60 seconds 1minutes 


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