Kjeldahl Distillation and Digestion unit setup heating unit and glass parts set of 6 AC-352C

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Department Chemistry Bio Chemistry


KJELDAHL DISTILLATION and DIGESTION UNit  Steel sheet powder coated Body With heating mental/hot plate With Rods, clamp, for holding Flask etc with or without glass parts                          AC-352-A  Unit of 3 tests                  200/500 ml             

AC-352-B  Unit of 3 tests                  2ltr/3ltr                     

AC-352-C  Unit of 3 tests                  200/500 ml              

AC-352-D  Unit of 6 tests                  2ltr/3ltr                  

AC-352-E  Fume duct for above SS Plastic                     

AC-352-F  Unit of 6 (Combined) 200/500 ml                    

AC-352-G  Glass Parts for Above per set Borosilicate Glass

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