Chart Polyart Zoology different Animals hydra ascasic earthworm cockroach with roller set of 30 size 75x100cm ( 30x40inch) Abron ACPZ-40K
Model : ACPZ-40K

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Chart PolyartZoology different Animals with roller set of 30  size 75x100cm ( 30x40inch) Cat No ACPZ-40K    Price 20,000-00 set Polyart Charts Multicolour Detailed well Labelled off Set Printed on White Washable Sheet Fitted with Roller, Hanging Thread and Cap on Side Available will be supplied


ACPZ-2457        Chart Zoology- Hydra

ACPZ-2458        Chart Zoology- Circulatory System in hopper grass

ACPZ-2459        Chart Zoology- Chart Zoology- Digestive system in fish

ACPZ-2460        Chart Zoology- Ascaris worm (male and female)

ACPZ-2461        Chart Zoology- Life cycle of frog

ACPZ-2462        Chart Zoology- Tape worm-External Feature with life cycle

ACPZ-2463        ChartZoology- Lizards

ACPZ-2464        ChartZoology- Turtles

ACPZ-2465        Chart Zoology- Natural Sponge

ACPZ-2466        Chart Zoology- Mammal Embryo

ACPZ-2467        Chart Zoology- Lamb Heart

ACPZ-2468        Chart Zoology- Lamb lungs

ACPZ-2469        Chart Zoology- Earth worm

ACPZ-2470        Chart Zoology- Mediacl Leach

ACPZ-2471        Chart Zoology- Star Fish

ACPZ-2472        Chart Zoology- Funaria

ACPZ-2473        Chart Zoology- Equisetum

ACPZ-2474        Chart Zoology- Fucus

ACPZ-2475        Chart Zoology- Snail

ACPZ-2476        Chart Zoology- Clam

ACPZ-2477        Chart Zoology- Insects

ACPZ-2478        Chart Zoology- Prawn

ACPZ-2479        Chart Zoology- Amphioxus

ACPZ-2480        Chart Zoology- Typical animal Cell

ACPZ-2481        Chart Zoology Vertebrates skeleton

ACPZ-2482        Chart Zoology Prokaryotic cell

ACPZ-2483        Chart Zoology Eukaryotic cell

ACPZ-2484        Chart Zoology Micoplasma& Protozoa

ACPZ-2485        Chart Zoology soriochetes

ACPZ-2486        Chart Zoology endo-parasites

ACPZ-2487        Chart Zoology plathelminthes

ACPZ-2488        Chart Zoology honey bee

ACPZ-2489        Chart Zoology amoeba

ACPZ-2490        Chart Zoology hookworm

ACPZ-2491        Chart Zoology paramecium

ACPZ-2492        Chart Zoology L H Mosquito

ACPZ-2493        Chart Zoology House fly

ACPZ-2494        Chart EchinodermataStarfish External Character & General Anatomy

ACPZ-2495        Chart EchinodermataStarfish water vascular System

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