Chart Polyart Zoology Mammal Tissue and systems, Earth worm, Fron, Pigeon, Rabbit, Cockroach, pigeon animals parts systems with roller set of 60 size 75x100cm ( 30x40inch) Abron ACPZ-60K
Model : ACPZ-60K

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Chart Polyart Zoology Mammal  Tissue and systems, Earth worm, Fron, Pigeon, Rabbit, Cockroach, pigeon animals parts systems with roller set of 60  size 75x100cm ( 30x40inch) Cat No ACPZ-60K    Price 30,000-00 set Polyart Charts Multicolour Detailed well Labelled off Set Printed on White Washable Sheet Fitted with Roller, Hanging Thread and Cap on Side Available will be supplied


ACPZ-2401        Chart Zoology- Epithelial Tissues-Simple

ACPZ-2402        Chart Zoology- Epithelial Tissues-Stratified

ACPZ-2403        Chart Zoology- Connective Tissues-Loose

ACPZ-2404        Chart Zoology- Connective Tissues-Skeleton Bone, Cartilage

ACPZ-2405        Chart Zoology- Connective Tissues –Blood

ACPZ-2406        Chart Zoology- Nerve Cells-Type o nerve cells

ACPZ-2407        Chart Zoology- Nerve Cells-Neuroglia

ACPZ-2408        Chart Zoology- Types of Muscular cells

ACPZ-2409        Chart Zoology- Plasmodium Vivax life cycle

ACPZ-2410        Chart Zoology- Amphioxus embryological development

ACPZ-2411        Chart Zoology- Sponge –external morphology with T.S

ACPZ-2412        Chart Zoology- L. S in simple sponge

ACPZ-2413        Chart Zoology- Obelia life cycle & T.S in medusa

ACPZ-2414        Chart Zoology- Echinococcus Life cycle & hydatid cyst

ACPZ-2415        Chart Zoology- Pin worm life cycle

ACPZ-2416        Chart Zoology- Earth worm-External structure with T.s in intestine & internal anatomy

ACPZ-2417        Chart Zoology- Earth worm-Circulatory with reproductive system

ACPZ-2418        Chart Zoology- L.S through mouth snail

ACPZ-2419        Chart Zoology- Snail-Reproductive system

ACPZ-2420        Chart Zoology- Crayfish-T.S in branchial chamber

ACPZ-2421        Chart Zoology- Crayfish -Reproductive male & Female

ACPZ-2422        Chart Zoology- Crayfish-Feathery Jills

ACPZ-2423        Chart Zoology- Cockroach-Mouth Parts

ACPZ-2424        Chart Zoology- Cockroach- Internal anatomy

ACPZ-2425        Chart Zoology- Amphioxus-General System

ACPZ-2426        Chart Zoology- Amphioxus-Circulatory System

ACPZ-2427        Chart Zoology- Amphioxus-Lateral view

ACPZ-2428        Chart Zoology- Fish- Circulatory System

ACPZ-2429        Chart Zoology- Fish-Reproductive & Excretory System For male & female

ACPZ-2430        Chart Zoology- Frog Circulatory system & L.S in Heart

ACPZ-2431        Chart Zoology- Frog- Skeletal System with common Vertebra

ACPZ-2432        Chart Zoology- Pigion-Skeletal System with fore & hind limbs

ACPZ-2433        Chart Zoology- Pigion-Arterial & Venous System

ACPZ-2434        Chart Zoology- Rabbit-Arterial & Venous system with LS in Heart

ACPZ-2435        Chart Zoology- Rabbit - Reproductive system male and female

ACPZ-2436        Chart Zoology- Rabbit-General Features

ACPZ-2437        Chart Zoology- Enclestoma Worm-male, Female Magnified head and life cycle

ACPZ-2438        Chart Zoology- Osteichthyes&condrichthyses-L.S in head that Show the grills

ACPZ-2439        Chart Zoology- Osteichthyes&condrichthyses-L.S in head that show region & structure of gills

ACPZ-2440        Chart Zoology- Clam-External features

ACPZ-2441        Chart Zoology- Clam-Section in shell clamp to show the formation of pearl

ACPZ-2442        Chart Zoology- Cockroach-External Feature

ACPZ-2443        Chart Zoology- Cockroach-The terminal of ventral region of Male and female

ACPZ-2444        Chart Zoology- Cockroach-stage of development of cockroach Insect

ACPZ-2445        Chart Zoology- Star Fish-Dorsal Surface

ACPZ-2446        Chart Zoology- Star Fish-Ventral Surface

ACPZ-2447        Chart Zoology- Star Fish-Water vascular system

ACPZ-2448        Chart Zoology- Frog. External Feature

ACPZ-2449        Chart Zoology- Frog-Fore limb and hind limb

ACPZ-2450        Chart Zoology- Snake –External feature

ACPZ-2451        Chart Zoology- Snake-head and mouth region

ACPZ-2452        Chart Zoology- Pigeon-Respiratory System

ACPZ-2453        Chart Zoology- Pigeon -L.S of egg

ACPZ-2454        Chart Zoology- Pigeon-External Feature

ACPZ-2455        Chart Zoology- Camel-External Feature

ACPZ-2456        Chart Zoology- Camel-Stomach Rominant& its parts

ACPZ-2457        Chart Zoology- Hydra

ACPZ-2458        Chart Zoology- Circulatory System in hopper grass

ACPZ-2459        Chart Zoology- Chart Zoology- Digestive system in fish

ACPZ-2460        Chart Zoology- Ascaris worm (male and female)

ACPZ-2461        Chart Zoology- Life cycle of frog

ACPZ-2462        Chart Zoology- Tape worm-External Feature with life cycle

ACPZ-2463        ChartZoology- Lizards

ACPZ-2464        ChartZoology- Turtles

ACPZ-2465        Chart Zoology- Natural Sponge

ACPZ-2466        Chart Zoology- Mammal Embryo

ACPZ-2467        Chart Zoology- Lamb Heart

ACPZ-2468        Chart Zoology- Lamb lungs

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