Cam Analysis Apparatus Lab abron
Model : AE-7103

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Cam Analysis Apparatus Lab abron

We provide Cam Analysis Apparatus that is a motorized unit consisting of a camshaft driven by a variable speed motor. The shaft runs in a double bearing. The free end of the camshaft has a facility to mount the cam easily. We offer the product at an affordable market price. We manufacture the product from fine quality raw material to provide efficient and immediate solution to our customers.

About the product :

  • Properly guided in gunmetal bushes
  • Can be changed according to the cam under test
  • Powerful and efficient dial gauge
  • A spring is used to provide controlling force to the follower system
  • Customer specific
  • Very useful for testing the cam performance for jump phenomenon during operation

Experiments :
With the help of combination of provided cams and followers following experiments can be conducted :

  • To plot the n-q (Follower displacement Vs Angle of rotation) curves for different cam follower pairs
  • The follower bounce can be observed by using a stroboscope (Optional) & effect of follower weight on bounce can be studied
  • To study the effect of follower weight on bounce
  • To study the effect of spring compression on bounce
  • The tests can be repeated by changing compression springs, follower weights and cam speed
  • The apparatus is very useful for testing the cam performance for jump phenomenon during operation

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