Electrophoresis Apparatus Paper Strip AC-288
Electrophoresis Apparatus Paper Strip AC-288

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The electrophoresis cabinet is made of clear transparent plastic (Perspex sheet) 16" long, 91/2 with, 41/4" high and effective width i.e. maximum usable width of paper carrier 71/4". The upper surface of the platform which supports the paper strip carrier and the electrode troughs are finished with black surfaces for contrast. A recessed safety inter lock switch breaks the current to both electrode troughs have a capacity of 550 ml. each and provided with two transverse baffles of minimize diffusion of buffer in electrode section of trough with buffer is in contact with end of paper strips. The paltry of the electrode is indicated by two pilot lamps fitted with levelling screws to facilitate levelling. supplied complete with cord and terminals connecting to the power supply, stabilised D.C. Power supply unit 0-300 volts and 100 mA. is provided with apparatus. Stabilised D.C. Power Supply Unit
0-300 volts and 100 mA for electrophoresis apparatus.
Digital D.C. Power Supply Unit
0-300 volts and 100 mA for electrophoresis apparatus.
Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus
This unit is based on dosage German portion having moveable applicator with in in built thickness arrangement between 0 to 2 mm. Model CH 9 has the following components
  • Spreader (Applicator) made of electroplated brass.
  • Perspex Bass size 114 x 23 cm. to support 5 glass plates of size 20 x 20 cm. and 2 plates of 20 x 5 cm.
  • Plate Rack Aluminium for ten 20 x 20 cm. Plates.
  • Spotting Ten plate Perspex
  • Developing Tank with Lid
  • T.L.C. plates set 20 x 20 cm. or 20 x 10 cm.>
  • Micro-Pipette
  • Scriber for marking lines
  • Glass sprayer with rubber bellow
  • Instruction manual
Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus Sheet packet Whatman

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