Electronic Balance Digital 500gm 100mg
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Catalog : AC-255-A-2

Electronic Balance Digital 500gm 100mg

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Department Balances Digital


Equipped With High Precision Strain Guage Sensor System. LCD Display Auto Zero Resetting Auto Power Off Mode Function KG/GM/ Ib /OZ conversion Over Load / Low Battery Indicator large LCD ( 5 Digit 20mm High) Large Square Pan 155x 155mm Net weight/ Stability Indication Power 1.5 V X 2 Cells AAA Battery AC/DC adaptor Socket CE Marked net weight 400 Gross weight 580gm
AC-255-A-1 Cap 200gm x 0.1 gm (100mg)
AC-255-A-2 Cap 300gm x 0.1 gm (100mg)
AC-255-A-3 Cap 500gm x 0.1 gm (100mg)
AC-255-A-4 Cap 750gm x 0.1 gm (100mg)
AC-255-A-5 Cap 1kg x 0.1 gm (100mg)
AC-255-A-6 Cap 1kg x 0.2 gm (200mg)
AC-255-A-7 Cap 2kg x 0.1 gm (100mg)
AC-255-A-8 Cap 3kg x 0.5 gm (500mg)
AC-255-A-9 Cap 3kg x 1 gm (1000 mg)
AC-255-A-10 Cap 5kg x 1 gm (1000 mg)

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