Single Pan Balance (K - Roy) Electrical
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Single Pan Balance (K - Roy) Electrical

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Department Balance Double Pan etc


Technical Details :
Principle : Substitution of Weights
Vernier :
10 Vernier Scale Divn = 9 Main Scale Divn
Screw Gauge :

1 Main Scale Divn = 100 Screw Gauge Divn
Zero Adjustment : The initial coarse adjustment
Projection Scale : Graduated from Zero to 110th Division
Damping : Simple air damping
Knife Edges : Made of artificial jewels
Projection Device : Illumination is made by 6.2 volts Screw type bulb with the help of the objective and mirror
Built-in Weights : Made of non-magnetic alloy
Weighing Pan : Made of Stainless Steel diameter 125 mm, height 215 mm
Outer Case : Rectangular in shape and made of aluminium sheet. Finished with powder - coating, having sliding side glass doors, on two ides and with front glass cover. Width 245 mm x Depth 395 mm x Height 425 mm
Weighing Chamber : Width 225 mm x Depth 175 mm x Height 240 mm
Transformer : Built-in step down suitable for 220 Volts AC input
Model No. Capacity Sensitivity Scale Range
K-14 (Super) 200 gm. 0.1 mg. 100 mg.
K-12 (Classic) 100 gm. 0.1 mg. 100 mg.
K-14 (Classic) 200 gm. 0.1 mg. 100 mg.
K-15 (Classic) 100 gm. 0.01 mg. 100 mg.
K-16 (Classic) 10 gm. 0.005 mg. 10 mg.
K-14 (Deluxe) 200 gm. 0.1 mg. 1 gm.

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