Physical Balance Abron Cap 200gm x 1 mg
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Physical Balance Abron Cap 200gm x 1 mg

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Department Balance Double Pan etc


Brass beam in double door glass case levelling screws, cap. 250 gm, Sens. 1 mg.
Knife Edges : Agates
Arrest ment : Vertical
Base : Wooden
Case : Teak Wood
Precision Quality, having OPEN Beam Graduated, of Brass lacquered resting on six point knife edges and planes of selected stone and Steel agates. Stainless steel Pans and hangers accurately balanced and r Fitted on polished base with levelling screws.
Capacity: 250 gms., Sensitivity 1 - 2 mgm
Capacity: 200 gms.
Sensitivity: 1/5 mg.
Beam: Brom alloy
Knife Edges: Agates
Arrestment: Vertical
Base: Wooden
Case: Teak Wood

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