Chainomatic Air Dampling Analytical Balance-Varanasi Make
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Chainomatic Air Dampling Analytical Balance-Varanasi Make

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The Chainomatic Balance is a unique example of workmanship and indispensable for chemists and laboratories. It's a periodic balance with mechanical manipulation of fractional weights entirely from 0.1 gm to 1 gm. And the air damping device arrests the oscillation of needle and beam with the result that the balance is steady for weighment. It saves time and irritation of the Chemist.Chain serve as a counter-poise manipulated iwth a knob from outside the drum moves freely and reading of weight upto 100 mg is available direct, thereafter by movement of the rider on the beam 0.1 gm to 1 gm can be weighed without using extra load. Consenient to handle and easy to work with.
Specifications :
Capacity : 200 gms.
Sensitivity : 1/10 mg.
Beam : Bronze
Arrestment : Circular
Air Damping : Rapid Weighing
Chainomatic Device : A rold gold chain suspended from the beam with its other end screwed on a rotating drum
Knife Edges : Agate
Base : Sunmica
Case : Teak Wood

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