Anaerobic jar with gauge Micro Biology culture with petridish holder Marine AB-92-02
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Anaerobic jar with gauge Micro Biology culture with petridish holder Marine AB-92-02

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


A mini for the incubation of four petri dishes in an anaerobic atmosphere, Dia x height; 220x230mm

Transparent, unbreakable poly carbonate jar of 3.5 litre capacity, having sturdy Aluminum Lid, clamp and sealing ring with built in Safety features, fitted with Vacuum cum Pressure Gauge, pressure valve and Safety Valve. Supplied with SS Test Tube carrier, SS Petri plate Carrier for 10, 5 sachets of Gas Packs
In addition to being highly transparent and sturdy with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell of 3.5 litre capacity replete with a durable Aluminum lid clamp with a sealing ring, a number of Safety Features are also installed. In addition to them, they are accoutered with amenities such as Vaccum cum Pressure Gauge, Pressure Valves and Safety Valves which are complemented by a Stainless Steel Test tube carrier, Stainless Steel Petri Plate Carrier that have boast variable capacities such as accommodation for 5 and 10 Sachets of Gas Packs respectively. 

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