Water test kit Ph 2.0-10.5 Agro Agriculture Marine Fishing
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Water test kit Ph 2.0-10.5 Agro Agriculture Marine Fishing

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Department Agriculture Seed Marine


Ph  2.0-10.5
Turbidity  25cm - 60cm
Chloride  10-200PPM
Total hardness  25-600PPM
Fluoride  0.0-2.5PPM
Nitrate   0-100PPM
Iron  0-2PPM
Residual (Free) Chlorine 0-3ppm
Free carbon dioxide 5mg- 60mg/L
Alkalinity  20ppm-300ppm
Hardness   50-150mg/L
Toxic ammonia  0-2mg/L
Nitrite  0-5mg/L
Hydrogen sulphide 0-5mg/L
Dissolved phosphorous 3-6mg/L
Calcium  25-250Mg/L
• Color charts for all parameters
• Standard solutions in vial for all test samples
• Hand gloves
• Marked glass jar with spoon, 5ml plastic syringe and instruction manual

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