Zener Diode Ch. Apparatus Abron
Zener Diode Ch. Apparatus Abron

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All-in-one Zener / P.N. / Semi Conductor

The instrument is designed to draw the characteristic curve of a diode,forward as well as reverse characteritic of a P. N. Junction Diode.

Specifications :

Input : 230 Volts AC c/s DC Output

For Reverse Characteristic : H.T. 1, 0-30 Volts at 1.5 mA

For Forward Characteristic : H.T. 2, 0-3 Volts at 15 mA

Provided with two meters of dual ranges.

Zener Diode / P.N. Junction Diode / Semi Conductor Diode

* Complete with Manual and Connecting Wire.

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