Zener Diode Ch. Apparatus Abron 2 digital AE-1450Dmeters
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Zener Diode Ch. Apparatus Abron 2 digital AE-1450Dmeters

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(i) The instrument is designed to draw the characteristic curve of a Zener Diode Forward Bias as well as Reverse Bias provided with two power supplies.

(ii) -- do -- with two meters.

Workable on 230 Volts AC, fitted with Zener Diode 8.2 Volts / 6.2 Volts on front panel. Connections of Zener Diode, Power Supply, Ouput and meters are brought out on the panel with separate terminals, with two meters. Output 0 - 15 Volts DC continuously variable.

Meters : Two Digital

* Voltmeter 1.5 V / 15 V
* Ammeter 30 mA / 3 mA
* Complete with Manual and Connecting Wire.

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