Bio Visual Charts Genetics
Bio Visual Charts Genetics

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Department Charts and Pictures


Bio-Visual Charts are made of water proof-reinforced PVC Sheeting (Rexine) which is flexible and wrinkle free. l An experienced team of Scientists and Artists discuss and research the subject in R & D Wing so as to produce authentic and accurate drawings. l Several aspects of each subject are reproduced in great detail wth bold labelling so that each diagram is informative as well as self-explanatory.


Bi 4 Monohybrid Cross complete dominance
Bi 5 Monohybrid Cross-Incomplete dominance
Bi 6 Forms of Comb in Fowl
Bi 7 Dihybrid Ratio
Bi 8 Linkage
Bi 51 Mutations
Bi 52 Chromosomal Aberrations
Bi 53 Colour Blindness & Hemophilla
Bi 60 Genetic Code
Bi 99 Mendelism

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