Physics chart polyart physics light dispersion abron with Roller set of 20
Physics chart polyart physics light dispersion abron with Roller set of 20

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Department Charts and Pictures


Laminated Paper Multicolour Offset Printed with Roller (55 x 90 cms)

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

ACP2801 Microscopes 55 x 90cm
ACP2802 Ohm's Law 55 x 90cm
ACP2803 Three Kinds of Lever 55 x 90cm
ACP2804 Pulleys ( Simple Machines ) 55 x 90cm
ACP2805 Different kinds of Cells 55 x 90cm
ACP2806 Dynamo 55 x 90cm
ACP2807 Refraction of Light by a Prism 55 x 90cm
ACP2808 Methods of Finding Freezing & Boiling point of Water 55 x 90cm
ACP2809 Petrol Engine 55 x 90cm
ACP2810 The Steam Engine 55 x 90cm
ACP2811 Pascal's Law & Bramah Press 55 x 90cm
ACP2812 Air Pump 55 x 90cm
ACP2813 Wave Motion 55 x 90cm
ACP2814 The Eyes its Defects and Remedies 55 x 90cm
ACP2815 Different Thermometric Scales 55 x 90cm
ACP2816 Three Types of Equilibrium 55 x 90cm
ACP2817 Electroplating and Electric Bell 55 x 90cm
ACP2818 Metric Weights and Measurements 55 x 90cm
ACP2819 Telescope : Terrestial, Gallileo's Astronomical 55 x 90cm
ACP2820 Refraction of Light 55 x 90cm
ACP2821 X-Rays 55 x 90cm
ACP2822 Television 55 x 90cm
ACP2823 Static Electricity 55 x 90cm
ACP2824 Balance ( Principle of Archemeds) 55 x 90cm
ACP2825 Multistage Rocket & Artifical Satellite 55 x 90cm
ACP2826 Radioactivity ( Chain Reaction ) 55 x 90cm
ACP2827 Measurements 55 x 90cm
ACP2828 Moment & Couple 55 x 90cm
ACP2829 Work & Power 55 x 90cm
ACP2830 Light Reflection from Spherical Mirrors 55 x 90cm
ACP2831 Refraction of Light by Spherical Lenses 55 x 90cm
ACP2832 Universe I 55 x 90cm
ACP2833 Universe II 55 x 90cm
ACP2834 Renewable Sources of Energy 55 x 90cm
ACP2835 Electromagnetism 55 x 90cm
ACP2836 Diode 55 x 90cm</