Genetics Human Charts Polyart 75 x 100 cms with Roller
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Genetics Human Charts Polyart 75 x 100 cms with Roller

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Department Charts and Pictures


Multicolour Offset Printed on Polyart Synthetic Sheet 75 x 100cm (30 x 40 Inch) with Roller.

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

ACP2101 Monohybrid crossing complete dominance 75x100 cms
ACP2102 Monohybrid crossing incomplete dominance 75x100 cms
ACP2103 Dihybrid Crossing 75x100 cms
ACP2104 Monohybrid Crossing 75x100 cms
ACP2105 Mendelian Explanation of cross between tall & Dwarf Races in garden pea 75x100 cms
ACP2106 Sex Linked inheritance in drosophila 75x100 cms
ACP2107 Mendelian Heridity of blue & Adulsian Fowls of Red & white flowering in 4’o clock 75x100 cms
ACP2108 Mendelian Explanation of breeding behavior 75x100 cms

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