AC-466-15 Distillation Apparatus Quartz Vertical single stage 2 lt hr Abron
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AC-466-15 Distillation Apparatus Quartz Vertical single stage 2 lt hr Abron

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Department Distillation Apparatus


It has been designed keeping in view customer requirements and easy serviceability of the equipment. All Quartzsingle Distillation consists of demountable upper and lower boiler The lower boiler has a built in heater enclosed in a quartz boiler with a cup on top.

The upper boiler has a built in quartz coil and condensing unit which is mounted on the boiler with the help of ball and socket joint.Double walled condenser ensures separate condensation of vapors coming from boilers using a single cooling circuit.

The unit in mounted on a specially designed powder coated stand and is also provided with Safety Control Unit.

**All the parameters are under Standard Test Conditions, Please test the distilled water before use.

Special advantages of Demountable Model

  • Easy cleaning of the first boiler since it can be dismantled from the assembly.
  • Ease of interchange ability as it is provided with Ball & Socket joint.
  • Boiler & condenser have larger boiling space resulting in balanced boiling & improved quality of distillate.

Compact and easy to install.

Distillate Quality



Specific Conductivity

0.1-0.5 us/cm

Biological Activity (distillate quality)

Pyrogen Free



Organic Matter


Total Solids

0.1 mg/ltr


<0.01 mg/ltr

Technical Specifications

Model No.

Output Capacity (Approx.)

Power Rating (Total)

Cooling Water Consumption (Approx.)


2 ltr/hr

1.7 KW

35 ltr/hr


5 ltr/hr

4.4 KW

65 ltr/hr


8 ltr/hr

6 KW

90 ltr/hr


10 ltr/hr

9 KW

120 ltr/hr

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