Water Bath By Abron Double Walled bif thermostatic 9 Holes
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Water Bath By Abron Double Walled bif thermostatic 9 Holes

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(Old Catalogue AH-376-C)

Double wall, outer mild steel sheet powder coated
inside chamber made of stainless steel
gap filled with insulated with special grade glass wool
The temperature is controlled by a thermostat 5’c Above room temperature
from +5C room temperature to 90C accuracy of "2.0C
Operates on 220-240V AC Single phase
Provided with two indicating lamps for main and load but without thermometer
1KW immersion heater with overheat protection device.
Removable cover has 75 mm dia holes each fitted with a set of concentric rings.
With connector and 3 core cable for 220-240V AC Single phase
Chamber Size No.of Holes
AH-376-C 400 x 300 x 100mm approx. 9 holes

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