Plastic joint clips colour coded abron ac-2500N-02
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Plastic joint clips colour coded abron ac-2500N-02

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Plastic joint clips colour coded abron ac-2500N-02 

Catalogue No. Joint Size Colour Code
AC-2500-N/01 10/19 Mint
AC-2500-N/02 12/21 Violet
AC-2500-N/03 14/23 Yellow
AC-2500-N/04 19/26 Blue
AC-2500-N/05 24/29 Green
AC-2500-N/06 29/32 Red
AC-2500-N/07 34/35 Orange
AC-2500-N/08 40/38 Ochre
AC-2500-N/09 45/50 Brown

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