Rheostat Super 2'-1/4 Abron
Rheostat Super 2'-1/4 Abron

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Tube dia 5.6 cm 2" wound with oxidized eureka wire mounted on duco Painted metal feet lock type terminals. General purpose laboratory Rheostats side with rod and nuts. Pipe from special porcelain Sliders: Phosphorous-Bronze contact. Terminals: Three brass terminals are provided. Winding Wires : oxidized Eureka wire wound
AP-893-21 Length 6” 15cm Long 30 ohms
AP-893-22 Length 8” 15cm Long 45 ohms
AP-893-23 Length 10” 25cm Long
AP-893-24 Length 12” 30cm Long
AP-893-25 Length 14” 35cm Long
AP-893-26 Length 16” 40cm Long
AP-893-27 Length 20” 50cm Long

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