Optical Bench Wooden 1.6 Meter Special Abron
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Optical Bench Wooden 1.6 Meter Special Abron

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An inexpensive and simple optical Bench which can be used by junior & senior students alike. It comprises a wooden base board 1600 x 140 mm (L x W).It has 1.5mtr scale figured in cms and subdivided in mms, six sliding bases 100 x 50 mm each with engraved index line, iron pillars with locking screw.Supplied complete with following accessories:

(a)1 No Lamp house with white lamp 240V, 15 W

(b)1 No White metal object screen 75 mm diameter with gauze

(c)1 No Holder for lenses 38 diameter

(d)1 No White Metal receiving screen 100 x 75 mm with a slot for squared paper screen on the reverse.

(e)1 No Object needle mounted in 6 mm rod.

(f)1 No Plane mirror in metal frame 100 x 75 mm.

All above accessories are mounted on a 6 mm rod which fits into sliding bases.Optical height above base board is 125 mm approx

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