Newton Ring Microscope Easy Abron
Newton Ring Microscope Easy Abron

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SPECIAL SUPER 'ABRON' with built in Newton Ring. Reflector, Condenser, Telescope, complete Microscope : A standard Microscope unit having 30x magnification is provided with a rotatable cross lineand the eye piece can be focussed as per individual's requirement.

Working : The whole microscope tube unit can be raised or lowered can clamped at any desired posiion. The focussing of the Microscope unit is done by rack and pinion arrangement.

Longtitudinal Movement : The longtitudinal movement of the Microscope saddle for the purpose of the Rings is done by rotating the drum provided. The 26 mm movement can be read by scale and on the divided drum to 0.001 cm.

Lens Set :Newton's Ring set consisting of one optical flat glass and one plano convex lens (100 mm. radius) arranged inside a metal case resting over the stage of the instrument can be adjusted for the alignment of the measuring line. A reflector plate adjustable in the required direction is fitted on to the side of the set. The condenser lens is provided in front of the reflector.Supplied in a wooden box.

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