Multimeter Digital LCR Abron AE-1319
Multimeter Digital LCR Abron AE-1319

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Multimeter Digital LCR Abron AE-1319    

LCR Meter Inductance Capacitance Resistance Meter 

with Resistance, capacitance & inductance Resistance Range 400ohms to 40M Ohms Inductance Range 40 to 4M H Capacitance range 4n to 400uA/ similar CE Marked Range Volts AC 0-200V & 0-750V DC 0-200mV, 2000mV, 20V, 200V, 1000V Current DCA 200uA, 2000uA, 20mA, 200mA ACA 10A with shunt Resistance 200ohms, 2000 ohms 20K, 200K, 2000K HFE Check Diode check Transistor Check pnp & npn with 9V Battery & connecting leads

  • Accuracy: 2mH; Resolution: 1uH; Accuracy: 20mH; Resolution: 10uH; Accuracy: 200mH; Resolution: 100uH; Accuracy: 2H; Resolution: ±(5.0 percent+5) 1mH; Accuracy: 20H; Resolution: ±(5.0 percent+5) 10mH;
  • Accuracy: 2nF; Resolution: 1pF; Accuracy: 20nF; Resolution: 10pF; Accuracy: 200nF; Resolution: 100pF; Accuracy: 2uF; Resolution: 1nF; Accuracy: 20uF; Resolution: 10nF; Accuracy: 200uF; Resolution: ±(5.0 percent+5) 100nF;Accuracy: 1000uF; Resolution: ±(5.0 percent+25) 1uF;
  • Accuracy: 200Ω; Resolution: ±(0.8 percent+5)0.1Ω; Accuracy: 2KΩ; Resolution: 1Ω; Accuracy: 20KΩ; Resolution: 10Ω; Accuracy: 200KΩ; Resolution: 100Ω; Accuracy: 2MΩ; Resolution: 1KΩ; Accuracy: 20MΩ; Resolution: ±(1.0 percent+15)10KΩ

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