Meter Bridge with Pencil Jockey Abron
Meter Bridge with Pencil Jockey Abron

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Dimension 1.10 m x 100 mm x 50 mm-Pencil Jockey, Carry foster with Brass strips Wheatstone Bridge, Brass Parts, 1 Meter Long The substantial four-gap bridge has broad, plated brass strips mounted on a wood base. Large plated brass terminals with 4 mm sockets are provided to reduce unwanted resistance to a minimum and the end gaps are closed by removable plated brass strips which are held in position by the terminals. The 0.56 mm constantan wire is stretched along the top of a meter scale subdivided into millimeters and figured every centimetre. the ends of the wire are securely clamped to the terminating strips to reduce end errors to a negligible level

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