Prism Right Angle (Extra White) Abron
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Prism Right Angle (Extra White) Abron

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Right Angle Prism are used to change the path of light at 90 degree and having angles 90 x 45 x 45 degree with three polished surfaces, manufactured in optical Crown Glass having R.I.:1.51 App

AP-774-31-10 x 10 mm

AP-774-32-12 x 12 mm

AP-774-33-15 x 15 mm

AP-774-34-20 x 20 mm

AP-774-35-25 x 25 mm

AP-774-36-32 x 32 mm

AP-774-37-35 x 35 mm

AP-774-38-38 x 38 mm

AP-774-39-50 x 50 mm

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