Michelson's Interferometer Abron
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Michelson's Interferometer Abron

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Precisely to find wave length of Monochromatic light on Calibrated scale, L.C. 0.0001 mm. with Telescope. Precisely to find wave length of Monochromatic light on Calibrated scale.
CONSTRUCTION : Base : The whole assembly is mounted on a triangular heavy cast iron painted base. It is divided into two parts : (i) Mechanical (ii) Optical Precisely developed, with all perfect Optical, Mechanical components in our Research Laboratory, mainly used to find the wavelength of monochromatic light or the calibration of scales and the standard experiments.
(i) Bed : Bed is optically ground, Length 250 mm with a metallic knob in front of the instrument to facilitate movement.
(ii) Lead Screw : Lead screw is optically ground with its nut, Length 200 mm, Pitch 1 mm.
(iii) Optical Mirror Mount : Round shape (2 nos.) to hold the mirror which may be aligned in to orthogonal direction by means of screws provided at the rear side of the both of mounts.
The Nomenclature is given below :
1.Moveable Surface Coated Mirror.
2.Fixed Surface Coated Mirror loaded with springs.
3.Compensator : Compensating plate. Size 45 mm x 32 mm x 8 mm.
Surface Flatness: Lemda / 10 (both faces)
Parallelism: 5 arc sec.
LC. of Instrument: 0.0001 mm
Telescope: For looking FRINGES of Monochromatic light.
B Michelson INterferometer wihSV almp box and transformer complete set up
4. Splitter.
5. Universal adjustable Telescope with cross line graticule.
6. Diffused Glass Screen : A circular metallic plate dia 6" fitted with an arm having a pin hole to facilate Sodium / Mercury Light to fall on Prism.
7. Main knob for moving Mirror No.1, least count 0.01 mm.
8.Slow motion drum for moving Mirror No. 2, least count 0.0001 mm.
9.Screw with nut and spring to adjust the view of pin hole in horizontal position.
10.- do- in vertical position.
11.Base on stand for interferometer.
12.Knurlled Heads for adjusting the Mirror No. 2
parallel to No. 1.
13.Mirror No. 1, parallel to No. 2.
14.Well Grounded Lead Screw with pitch 1 mm.
15Pin Hole Disc.
16.Condenser Unit (adjustable).
17.Eyepiece (adjustable).
18.Spring knob for adjusting the lead screw.
19.Viewing Window to read main scale.
20.Telescope holding clamp (Universal Type).
21.Complete in Wooden/Thermocole box.

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