Nurse Training Doll High Quality (Female) Unisex Human Model
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Nurse Training Doll High Quality (Female) Unisex Human Model

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Department Human Model Medi


High Quality Model Accurate for Medical College & Pharmacy Teaching

Full-body Lifelike Mannequin

Specially designed for Professional Nursing Training

High Quality Mannequin provides wide range of exercise possible including both first aid and emergency situations


1.Lifting, Carrying and moving of the patient

2.Bed care of the patient

3.Bathing (Genital Care) Hair washing and face washing

4.Oral cavity Care

5.Care and cleaning of the nose

6.Prevention of Bedsores (Decubitus)

7.Prevention of Muscles Cramps

8.Prevention of Pneumonia

9.Prevention of Blood Clots (Thromboses)

10.Prevention of Thrush and Parotitis


12.Inhalation Therapy

13.Oxygen Inhalation

14.Resuscitation: Mouth to Nose, Mouth to Mouth and other methods


15.Irrigations and Lavages: Gastric (Stomach) Lavage, Ostomy Irrigation


16.Urethral Catheterization for Male and Female

17.Injection and Transfusions: Hypodermic injections, Intramuscular Injections, Hypodermic Infusions

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