Tissue Embedding Center With Peltier digital
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Tissue Embedding Center With Peltier digital

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


Has independent heating zones that are controlled through a microprocessor. It has a large storage tank, the tank incorporates the filter which ensure continues flow of paraffin from the tank. The flow of paraffin from the tank. The flow of paraffin from the tank can be controlled manually or through foot switch.The heated operation platform and the forceps holder makes it easy to embed the tissue.The unit has a storage tank, preservation boxes, forceps holder, paraffin nozzle whose heating can be controlled through microprocessor and it can be programmed for the weekdays

Salient Feature:It has large paraffin tank suitable for high throughput labEasy to read and operate control panel-Illuminated work platform Mold warmer and cassette bath Optional cold spot It is programmable for weekdays and each heating zones temperature can be individually set which makes it easy for the user.Separate heating zones for storage tank 2 preservation boxes paraffin nozzle forceps holder and work platform Excess paraffin collecting tray the excess paraffin from different heating zones drips straight into this paraffin collecting tray

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