Measuring Cylinder Hexgonal Polypropylene
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Catalog : AC-502

Measuring Cylinder Hexgonal Polypropylene

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Abroplast measuring cylinders are now available with hexagonal base also. The hexagonal base provides excellent stability to the cylinder where as the tapered spout works really well while pouring any reagent.
Material: Polypropylene
Code No. Particulars Least Count Packing
AC-502-11 10 ml. 0.2 ml. 24 Pcs.
AC-502-12 25 ml. 0.5 ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-502-13 50 ml. 1 ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-502-14 100 ml. 1 ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-502-15 250 ml. 2 ml. 6 Pcs.
AC-502-16 500 ml. 5 ml. 4 Pcs.
AC-502-17 1000 ml. 10 ml. 3 Pcs.

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