Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom Polypropylene / Polycarbonate
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Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom Polypropylene / Polycarbonate

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Abroplast Centrifuge Tubes with round bottom are moulded in Polypropylene & Polycarbonate These tubes have excellent clarity and are strong enough to be used upto 50,000xG. These tubes can be autoclaved, however, repeated autoclaving in PC tubes reduces their mechanical strength.
Material: Polypropylene / Polycarbonate
Code No. Particulars Packing
AC-513-04 16 ml.Cent. Tube PP. 50
AC-513-05 50 ml. cent. Tube pp. 50
AC-513-11 16 ml. Cent. Tube PC. 50
AC-513-12 50 ml. Cent. Tube PC. 50
AC-513-15 Cap for 16 ml. Cent. Tube 100
AC-513-16 Cap for 50 ml. Cent. Tube. 100

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