Reagent Bottles (Narrow Mount) with Screw Cap Polypropylene
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Reagent Bottles (Narrow Mount) with Screw Cap Polypropylene

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Abroplast Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottles are available in Polypropylene as well as Polyethylene. The PP bottles are rigid, translucent and have excellent contact clarity. These bottles can be autoclaved filled as well as empty. On the other hand, the Polyethylene bottles too have excellent strength and are unbreakable. The Polypropylene Cap has a built in seal ring to make these bottles leak proof.
Material: Polypropylene.
Code No. Particulars Packing
AC-505-a 4ml. 100 Pcs.
AC-505-b 8ml. 100 Pcs.
AC-505-c 15ml. 100 Pcs.
AC-505-d 30ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-505-e 60ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-505-f 125ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-505-g 250ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-505-h 500ml. 12 Pcs.
AC-505-i 1000ml. 6 Pcs.

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