Beakers Polypropylene (P.P) 100ml
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Catalog : AC-501-C

Beakers Polypropylene (P.P) 100ml

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Department Plastic ware


Abroplast Beakers, molded in polypropylene, have excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance. These autoclavable Beakers have prominently raised graduation on the outer surface. Pouring a solution becomes very convenient because of its tapered spout.

Material: Polypropylene (P.P)

Code No. Particulars Least count Packing
AC-501-01 25 ml. 5 12
AC-501-02 50 ml. 5 12
AC-501-03 100 ml. 5 12
AC-501-04 250 ml. 10 12
AC-501-05 500 ml. 10 12
AC-501-06 1000 ml. 25 6
AC-501-07 2000 ml. 250 6

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