Analog Galvanometer Abron
Analog Galvanometer Abron

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The Special Circuity in this galvanometer makes it six products in one. Six functions choose the Ohmmeter ranges. Accuracy is 2% of full scale. Include Operating instructions size 11.5x13x12cm Specification Galvanometer 10NA/div. Perceptible deflection at 2A,50-0-50 division .Voltmeter 5-0-5vin 0.2v divisions (2000 Ώ/V) Millivoltmeter 100-01-100mV, in 4mV steps. Microammeter 500-0-500A, in 20A divisions Ohmmeter, Ranges of 10,000 Ώ 200 or 60Ώ.A meter 0.05-0-0.05A in 0.002A divisons with a standard 2 Ώ shunt includes complete instruction

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