Petrol Gas Plant Cap 80-100 Burner Auto
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Catelog : AC-404

Petrol Gas Plant Cap 80-100 Burner Auto

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Petrol Gas Plants are fully automatic with separate Tanks for petrol. Carburettor and temporary storage tanks. They are fitted with safety devices and gives continuous Gas supply weeks together. Easy to maintain and operate.

  • Automatic ON/Off by mercury switch
  • Ample gas pressure at every Burner.
  • Devices of safe-guard against back fire
  • Very easy to handle and Maintain
  • Gives trouble free service. * Safe and simple operations.
  • Small petrol consumption. * Supplied with Manual.
Storage Tank Carburator and Air Blower Model Abron -S Cap 80-100 Burners
NOTE Installation extra Travelling and stay food etc by you Freight extra

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