Powder Filling And Sealing Machine Abron
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Powder Filling And Sealing Machine Abron

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Department Pharmacy & Pharmacology etc


Applications: For packing various powder, Granules, Tablets, and a host of other Products.
1. Sealing type : 3 sides sealing, centre sealing, 4 side sealing.
2. Packing size : L : 50-120 mm, or 100-240 mm (Film length)
W : 20-160mm, or 20-220 mm (Film width)
(Enlarged type can be made upon order)
3. Packing range : 1-10gm, 10-30gm, 30-50gm, 50-100 gm, 100-200 gm.
(Depending on specific gravity of packing objects).
4. Speed : 20 to 90 bags/min.
(Depending on the flowing rate & volume of packing objects)
5. Packing Material : Heat scalable laminated film such as
polyester/poly, polyester/foil/poly, paper Foil/Poly and other
special heat Bealable film.
6. Power required : 220V/Single phase / 50-60 Hz.
7. Motor : 1/4HP 220V/Single phase/50-60Hz.
8. Heater : 1) 3 sides sealing : 150wx2Pcs.

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