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Operation Table Abron

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OPERATION TABLE LARGE SIZE: made entirely from stainless steel, in two halves slopping towards the centre a small wedge over the whole length separates the two halves, under the wedge provided a brass drain pipe.
Removable and replaceable by sliding IN or OUT blood and other fluids flow towards the centre of the table, from where these drip into the drain pipe and carried through an end drain tube to the recepatable after operation the whole top can be washed clean the drain pipe removed, cleared and replaced the S.S. top is heated a set of electric lamps, placed to effect balanced heat distribution, dog holder with its S.S. upright slide along slot in the top useful for fixing accessories.
A.S.S. swing tray is fitted on a upright in one corner of the top useful for placing dissecting instruments accessories etc. steel pipe frame handle and wheels for conscience in moving.
APH-2563-01 Table top size 51"x18"x40" high.

APH-2563-02Table topsmall type for frog, Rabbit, gunia pigs etc.

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