Organ Bath 2 Double Unit Organ Bath Abron
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Organ Bath 2 Double Unit Organ Bath Abron

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Department Pharmacy & Pharmacology etc


A Perspex organ bath with fine thermostatic temperature control; electric stirrer; and complete set of accessories, making it a versatile unit for all research work.
Bath 12"x9"x8", with leak proof dovetailed joints, resting in sturdy metal frame; top of the bath carries a 1"x3/8" thick band, for fixing accessories, Inside the bath is a metal sheathed heating element (easily replaceable), controlled by means of a fine adjustable thermostat with sensitivity ± 1°C. The stirrer unit is completely independent and dips in the bath in one corner, fixing on its special stainless steel upright.

A MS junction box is fitted to the bath frame, and carries all the electrical leads and connections, Two pilot lamps indicate functioning of the thermostat and stirrer. Standard components are :-

a) Double set of glass inner vessels.
b) Oxygen tubes
c) Warming coils
d) Two stainless steel capillary levers.
e) Four stainless steel uprights with boss heads,
f) X blocks.

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