Projector Slides prepared for Auto/ manula 50x50mm
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Projector Slides prepared for Auto/ manula 50x50mm

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Department Projectors OHP etc


2"X2" ( 50x 50mm) MOUNTED IN CARD Sheet frame Multi Colour
As per CBSE Syllabus/any subject
AV-30A PROJECTOR SLIDES Math set of 15
AV-30B PROJECTOR SLIDES Physics set of 50
AV-30C PROJECTOR SLIDES Chemistry set of 40
AV-30D PROJECTOR SLIDES Botany set of 75
AV-30E PROJECTOR SLIDES Zoology set of 75
set of 50
AV-30F PROJECTOR SLIDES Mitosis Set of 9
AV-30G PROJECTOR SLIDES Mitosis set of 10
AV-30H PROJECTOR SLIDES Animal Tissue set of 15
AV-30I PROJECTOR SLIDES Chick set of 20
AV-30J PROJECTOR SLIDES Frog set of 15
AV-30K PROJECTOR SLIDES First Aid set of 30
AV-30L PROJECTOR SLIDES Geography set of 30
AV-30M PROJECTOR SLIDES Astronomy set of 10
AV-30N PROJECTOR SLIDES General teaching set of 30
AV-30O PROJECTOR SLIDES Sense Organs set of 20

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