Calorimeter Jouls 'Abron'
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Calorimeter Jouls 'Abron'

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* Inside a copper vessel with outer vessel superior
quality wood box of size 9.5 x 9.5 x 11.5 cm. fitted
with bakelite lid with hole for thermometer and stirrer.
supplied without thermometer.
* Having resistance coil (26 S.W.G. resistance wire
working current 0.5 A with a maximum of 1 A).
* Two brass terminals are provided for electric
connection supplied without thermometer.
in box 2" 3"
3" 4"
Special 3" x 4" with clamp
Comprises a nickel-plated copper calorimeter 63 x 63 mm
enclosed within an outer vessel 80 x 90 mm.
A close-fitting lid is provided with a wire stirrer, and a pair of
4 mm socket terminals connected to
a Constantan wire heating coil.
The resistance of the coil is approximately
6 ohms and should be used with a current of 0.5 A
With a maximum of 1 A.
The water equivalent of the stirrer is about 0.67 g.
Supplied without thermometer.

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