Barometer Fortin's 'Abron'
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Barometer Fortin's 'Abron'

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This instrument reads precision barometric pressure in laboratories. It is also used in weather observations,
factories,mines and power plants. Body having all brass pipe graduated with Vernier operating with rack and pinion.
scale 68-81 cm (27-31 Inch)
Vernier 0.05 cm (0.002 Inch)
Brass parts wooden base, teak wood 3 sides glass case
with triple distilled mercury as supplied to I.SI. Deptts
AP-685-o Barometer Fortin's without case
AP-685-A Barometer Fortin's Standard Model
8mm Borosil Glass Tube "Abron"
AP-685-B Barometer Fortin's Delux Model

10mm Borosil Glass Tube

NOTE :- Our Representative can install Barometer in your lab. for two way second class fare. Plus Extra Payment per day
AP-685D Barometer Aneroid "Abron"
. This barometer can be used to measure change in barometric pressure, demonstration type.
. A high precision twin capsule barometer with movements clearly visible for demonstration purposes.
. Metal case for index pointer.
Graduated 955 x 1075 x 1 millibars. Diameter of casing 161 mm with fixing hole
AP-685-E Barometer Aneroid
AP-685-F Barometer Aneroid
AP-685-G Barometer Aneroid

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