Precision Kelvin Double Bridge Abron
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Precision Kelvin Double Bridge Abron

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Usage : It is a precision bridge for the measurement of low resistances.
Basic Structure : A Bakelite panel enclosed in a teak wood box is used.Separate current and potential terminals,
battery and galvanometer terminals, push buttons for battery and galvanometer are provided on the
panel.Manganin coils are used.
Range of
: 1.1 to 0.00001 ohms.
Maximum Current : 2 Amperes.
Accuracy : + 0.1%.
Multiplying Ratios : A single rotary switch furnishes 3 multiplying ratios of x1, x0.1 and x0.01.
Standard Resistance : 10 coils of 0.1 ohm each are arranged on a rotary dial and a circular slidewire of total resistance 0.1
ohm and of 100 divisions is in series with 10 coils. Each division of the slide wire is equal to 0.001 ohm
on the normal range.

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