Labomed Stereo Zoom Microscope CSM2
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Labomed Stereo Zoom Microscope CSM2

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CSM2 is a basic 2-step Stereo microscope designed for rugged environment. Optimal imaging, color and clarity is provided through a fully enclosed optical system,which produces erect 3D images. Examination of opaque as well as transparent specimens is made possible through top (reflected) as well as bottom (transmitted) illumination system.With a choice of stands, extension arms and accessories such as Dark field attachment, Polarizing attachment and a wide variety of Eyepieces, CSM2 can be configured for Industrial application providing optimum utility.With its sturdy stand, high performance objectives (1x/3x, 2x/4x), High eyepoint focusable eyepieces with optional reticle holders and a 45 inclined observation head, CSM2 provides working convenience unmatched in its product class.
Stand Dual light stable stand with focusing knobs.
Viewing Bodies Binocular Observation head inclined at 45�, Inter-pupillary
distance 54mm-74mm
Illumination Provided with built in illumination both for incident light(12V-20W Halogen)
and sub-stage transmitted light(12V-10W). Both the lights can be used individually
or simultaneously.
Objectives Paired 1x-3x or 2x-4x objectives revolving on turret mount with quick indexing.
Eyepieces Focusable WF 10x(FN 22mm). Optional WF 10x (FN22), WF 16x (FN16mm),
WF 20x (FN12mm) with fixed or focusable movement.
Accessories Darkfield attachment, Polarising Kit.

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