Labmed Microscope CXL
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Labmed Microscope CXL

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Highest mechanical precision and optical performance is available on CXL Microscope system.
CXL gives you superior performance, comfort and unsurpassed quality.
Whether for classroom or routine laboratory work, the new CXL microscope
with its pre-configured systems provides selection for the entire application spectrum.
Its outstanding features include LP series optics with very high correction for chromatic
errors, which provide sharp and well-defined images.
Stand Stable stand with convenient location of controls.
Viewing Bodies Monocular, Binocular or Dual tube, 45° inclined,
360° rotatable IPD 54 - 74mm.
Mechanical Stage Rectangular 135mmX 124mm. Cross travel 75mm x 50mm.
Condenser Sub-stage ABBE-type condenser with aspheric lens N.A. 1.25
on rack and pinion movement.
Focusing System Co-axial coarse and fine focussing mechanism system on ball
bearing guide-ways. Tension adjustment ring and auto focus provided.
Illumination Illumination detachable 12V 20W Halogen Lamp with Universal Power
Supply (110V-240V), UL-CE approved.
Objectives LP series Semi Plan Achromatic 4X, 10X, 40X (Spring Loaded)
and 100X (Spring Loaded, Oil Immersion) objectives
Eyepieces WF 10X (FN 18mm) with eyeguard. Optional 15x (FN 16mm).
Accessories Polarizing Kit, Simple Phase Contrast Kit, 1/2" Video Adapter for
use with Dual Tube, Cord Hanger Kit

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